We do require credit checks & employment verification.
There is an application fee of $10.00 per adult applicant.   This is non-refundable.
If you have a recent copy of your credit report with score less than 30 days old then the application fee is waived.

Deposits & Credit Score Requirements:

*Duplex Deposits are now based on credit score:

Scores above 700:  $500.00 security deposit
Scores between 600 & 700:  Deposit is equal to monthly rent and rent must be paid by automatic bank draft.
Scores between 525 & 600:  Will be considered on a case by case basis but may require higher deposits.  Mininum deposit same as rent, maximum deposit two times rent amount. In addition monthly rent must be paid by automatic bank draft.
Scores below 525: Will be declined.


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House Deposits are always the same as the monthly rent amount.  Minimum credit score required for houses is 600.     Scores below 700 will requre auto draft rent payments from a checking or savings account.

*In addition you must be current on all you bills and be in good standing with your current landlord.

Income, Job History & References

In addition to credit we also consider gross monthly income, length of employment and past rental references.  

As a general rule your gross monthly income should be at least 4 times the rent amount.   The more debt you have the more income required.

Age Requirement:
Minimum age of 21 is requred to rent any of our properties.

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