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Property Policies

1)  Wall Anchors: Large wall anchors or screws are not allowed without the Landlord’s permission, except for 1 larger TV in the living room. You may use small nails to hang items. Violation of this policy will result in additional charges to repair.

2)  Satellite Dishes: The installation of satellite dishes is not allowed at any of our properties. Exceptions may be made if there are no other TV or Internet providers available. That being the case there is a

$250 deposit required to ensure satellite is installed & removed properly. *Dishes already installed & in use before this agreement are grandfathered in and exempt.

3)  Pets: All Pets must be approved by Landlord in advance and a pet agreement signed. Pet fees are listed on our website. Some properties only allow 1 to 2 pets. No pet sitting allowed. Violations in this policy are subject to a $500 fine and/or lease termination.

4)  Trash Canisters: Trash must be kept in a canister with a lid. Canisters should be stored on the side of your property or in the backyard. Canisters should be placed on the street the night before pickup and returned within 24 hours. Canisters cannot be left at the curb for extended periods of time.

5)  Parking: Each property has a designated parking area. You and your guests should park in your spaces only or on the public street if allowed. Please do not park in your neighbors’ driveways spaces.

6)  Air Filters: Please change your air filters at least once every 3 months. This will help lower your utility bills and extend the life of your unit.  We will provide you with filters at no charge, just fill out the form on our website under the tenant only link.

7)  Driveways & Porch Clutter: Porches and driveways should be free of clutter & junk. Personal items should be stored inside or in the backyard. Broken down automobiles are not allowed.

8)   Patio Furniture: No plastic or cheap looking outdoor furniture allowed. Shades or umbrellas must be approved in advance and only allowed on rear of property.

9)  Repairs: For minor non-urgent repairs please fill out the service request form on our website under the Tenants Only link. For urgent repairs such as AC unit or Water Leaks please text or call me on my cell phone: Rick Johnson 501-247-7991.

10)  Inspections: From time to time, we do inspect the inside of properties. We look for termites, maintenance items and to verify the property is clean and being taken care of.  We will always notify you a week in advance of any inspection.     We never enter your home without notifying you unless it’s an emergency such as a water leak or fire.

11)  Bank Drafts: Rent is drafted on the 5th day of each month unless agreed upon in advance. Money must be in the account the business day before the draft. If for some reason you need to move your date or change bank accounts, we must have at least two business days’ notice. Late fees & processing fees will apply to any extensions. Extension requests can now be made online.

12)  Locks: Locks are changed just before tenants move in.     Tenants are not allowed to change or re- key locks.    If you need your locks changed contact Landlord.   Cost is $25 per door.

If you lock yourself out, we will unlock for you if possible but only during daylight hours. If it’s after hours or we are out of town, you will have to contact a locksmith. You may make as many copies of keys as you need. We suggest leaving an extra key with a close relative or friend.

13)  Pest Control:  Pest control shall be the sole responsibility of the Tenants. Tenants shall keep the premises free of all pests, including without limitation, rodents, fleas, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, gnats, flies, and beetles. Tenant shall pay for all costs associated with remediating pests from the premises except for termites and shall inform Landlord at first sightings of any pests to avoid any infestations.  Landlord will conduct annual termite inspections and may from time to time spray the outside for termites & ants.

14)  Appliances: If you experience problems with any appliance, please complete a service request form. If the refrigerator goes out, we will make every effort to repair or replace it quickly. When possible, we will provide a loaner for you if the service is delayed.    Other non-urgent appliances will be scheduled and repaired as quickly as possible.


Stopped-up toilets are usually the result of too much tissue or other items being flushed. Please use a plunger or toilet snake before requesting service. If plumbing service is necessary, we will pay for any defects, but if the problem is caused by misuse, then the tenant will be responsible for service charge.

Disposals: Jammed disposals are one of our biggest service calls. This is caused by hard items such as bones, plastic, rocks, coins, etc. falling in or being placed in the disposal.    The item gets caught under blade and jams the disposal.     This is almost always a simple fix, and we usually leave a disposal tool under the sink.  Call or email and we will walk you through the process or stop by and show you.

15)  Fire-pits & Grills: Fire-pits, open flames & bonfires are prohibited. We do allow 1 standard size charcoal or propane gas grill with lid. Grill should be kept 5 feet from property walls if possible while in use and stored in the rear of property.

16)  Cabinet locks & Stickers: Child cabinet safety locks cannot be used without landlords’ permission; these can damage cabinets & cabinet finish.  Stickers or wallpaper of any kind, or stick-on strip LED lighting cannot be used on any surface (doors, walls, cabinet, etc.).

17)  Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are between 10pm & 8am every day. Please be mindful of your neighbors and keep noise to a minimum during these hours.

18)  Smoking:   Effective January 1, 2024 we no longer allow smoking inside or outside of any of our properties, which includes porches & yards.     This includes cigarettes, medical marijuana, and vaping.    Guests are not allowed to smoke on the property. Any violations of this policy are grounds for termination & eviction.